Exploring Naxos Town and the Old Market Street

Exploring Naxos Town and the Old Market Street

Naxos is the gem of Greece, a happy and delightful jewel shining on the waters of the Aegean Sea. Being the biggest and greenest island in the Cyclades, Naxos is infused with lively villages, proud historical monuments, and sandy beaches. Therefore, there are so many things to do in Naxos, from exploring the characteristic villages to trying out invigorating sports, Naxos has got you covered. Here are some great things to do in Naxos that you would not want to miss.

Chora is the main town of Naxos, and it is a beautiful sprawling town that grows outwards from the Castle (“Kastro” in Greek). It has the characteristic Cycladic architecture with a bit of a Venetian blend here and there to remind of the island’s Venetian past.

You will see the beautiful sugar cube houses with colorful doors and shutters, stroll down whitewashed winding paths decorated with bougainvilleas and basil, and walk under arches.

As you explore, you will find the Castle, the most well-preserved Venetian castle of the Cyclades. It has two entrances, the Main Gate (“Trani Porta”) and the Wicket Gate (“Paraporti”). Inside you will find some of Naxos’ oldest buildings and several historical places such as the schools founded by the Jesuit monks, the Catholic Cathedral, The Kapela Kazaza, which was a chapel of the Duke of Naxos, and the Tower of Krispi or Glezos.

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