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  • Plaka Naxos

Plaka Naxos Island

Naxos Island

Plaka BEACH on Naxos Island is a perfect starting point to explore the rest of the island, especially the southwest beaches.

At a glance

  • Very long and wide golden sand
  • 8 Km to Naxos Town
  • Loungers and umbrellas
  • Frequent bus schedule to Naxos Town and the nearby beaches (Agios Prokopios, Agia Anna)
  • Wide choice of accommodation (hotels, rooms, studios, apartments & villas)
  • Plenty of cafes, bars, restaurants, taverns
  • Car & Motorbike rentals
  • Cash point machine
  • Mini markets


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Plaka Beach

Marvellous long and wide beach with soft and very fine sand, crystal clear waters, gentle slope into the sea and plenty of accommodation, cafes and restaurants. Water sports are available.

Plaka Naxos

Naxos Attractions


The Gate, Naxos Town 
When arriving to Naxos Port the first impression you get will remain always in your mind. Portara, the huge marble Gate of the Temple of Apollo which was never finished. This is the trademark attraction of the island, built in the 6th century BC. It is believed that the temple was never completed and most of its parts were taken to build other structures on the island. Don’t miss the stunning sunset.

Agias Tower - Abraam beach
On the way to Apollonas you will reach Agias Tower. The spot offers a great view and offers you a journey to the way people used to live many many years ago.

Tower of Barozzi - Gratsia

Here we are taken back to the previous rule of the dukes as soon as we visit the Tower of Barozzi – Gratsia which predates the 17th century.

Chimmaros Tower, near Filoti village

The Tower of Chimarros is located in Filoti, a very scenic village in the center of Naxos Island. It was built in the 4th – 3rd centuries BC, during the Hellenistic Period and is a circular, marble structure standing at a height of approximately 15 meters.

Kalamitsia – Melanes Village

In Melanes lies you may visit Kalamitsia, where, in 1673, a Jesuit monk built a wonderful building, a proper palace, as a country residence for the Jesuit monks, in the luxuriant green valley.

Kouros Statue – Apollonas
The main reason why day trippers come to Apollonas is the so called Kouros of Apollonas. It is a massive, about 10 metres long statue from the 6th or 7th century BC.

Kouros Statue – Flerio
The popular name for "Kouros" was Ellinas (the Greek) and has its origin in 7th century B.C. The statue is around 6,4m long and is missing his left foot and a part of his right leg. Click here to attend an interesting presentation of the archeological site Flerio and the small traditional villages next to it, Kournochori and Miloi.

Zas Cave – Filoti
The spring is the starting point of the old footpath leading to the cave of Zas, at an altitude of some 600 meters. The cave is of high archaeological importance and a small church, dedicated to Zoodochos Peghe (Virgin, Spring of Life) is established in the interior of it.

Apalirou Castle 
It was the strongest fortress in Naxos and the administrative centre of the island during the Byzantine empire, situated on the top of an unapproachable mountain in the area of Sagri.



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Plaka Naxos

Useful Telephones


Local Area Code : 2285 (0)
Code for Greece: 003(0)

Municipality of Naxos - Chora: 22717, 22712 

Police Station of Chora: 22100, 23280 

National Bank: 22187, 23053, 22188 
Commercial Bank: 22209, 26145, 22381 
Eurobank: 26025, 26030, 23406 
Alpha Bank: 22992, 22994, 26101 
Piraeus Bank: 26771, 26770, 26775 
Laiki Bank: 26871, 29290, 29103 

Post Office (hours of operation 07.20 – 14.00): 22211 
Fire Department: 32199 
Greek Electrical Company (D.E.I): 22214, 22267, 24544 

Athens Olympic Airways: 801 1144444 
Naxos airport: 23292 
Athens International airport “El. Venizelos”: (210) 3530000 
Olympic Airways (local office): 23043 

Public Bus Station (KTEL): 22291 
Taxi: 22444, 24331 

Weather Station: 22465 
Weather Report: 1448

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Plaka Naxos

Naxos Local Products


Cheese : Graviera, Antothiro, Kefalotyri,Mizithra, Arseniko.
There is a great variety of different kind of cheeses on the islsnd. Most of the are not mass produced adn are sold in various point in Chora Naxos (eg. Tsimplakis).

 : Raki, Kitro, Wine. Naxos produces exquiste alcoholic drinks. Some of them are rymoured to have medicinal power. Try the wonderful “Raki with honey”, as well as the famous “Kitro” drink. Kitro drink as weel as other local drinks and delicacies can be bought from Brasiliana, Vallindras and Promponas. 
You may also want to try the wine made at some of the villages of Naxos, such as Filoti, Koronos kai Koronida/Komiaki. You can buy some and you get it directly from the bareel.

Agricultural products 
: Potatoes, Onion (sweet), Herbs (Thimari, Oregano, etc.) Naxos’ Potatoes and Onions are famous for their wonderful and distinct taste.
Ask for them at a local grocery store. Also, the local herbs have a wonderful smell and taste and it would be a good idea to get some.

 : Naxos has a great vareity of traditional art to scow. The Weavers’ Association of Komiaki and the Traditional Women’s Art Association keep many types of traditional Naxian art alive. It would de a good idea to visit them and have a look at the traditional art of Naxos. Also note that during the summer they are various exhibitions in Chora, usually held at the premises of the 1st Primary School of Chora Naxos, near the port.

Marble and Emery from Naxos are widely known. Naxian marble is one of best marbles in the world. Same applies to the island’s emery. It was used a lot in the past in wars and is stiil being used for madicinal and other reasons.


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